Empire Office

435,000 square feet of storage space.

Now that’s a lot of furniture.

We have warehouses throughout Florida and New York, and across the country through our proven network, where we can receive and store product.


Empire has over 435,000 square feet of company- owned warehouse space. We have full control over our resources—we own the facilities, delivery trucks and asset management technology and employ the personnel—to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.


Whether your needs include short-term storage during your project or more of a long-term asset storage program, we have the team and the software to track your inventory assets. We provide 24-hour online access to your account, and can provide on-demand reporting.

With Empire, you have a team from start to finish that understands your key issues and can consult on solutions.


Snaptracker furniture asset management technology tracks each product entering the warehouse using barcode technology. This gives complete, real-time visibility on inventory being held to speed up decision-making and save costs.


Selecting the right furniture and interior solutions can be complicated. But starting a project with us is easy.

We have 73+ years of experience in helping our clients do just that. We’ll hand-select an expert team of professionals who specialize in your industry and project-type.

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