Offices are more than workspaces.

They are living spaces and the mark of true brand DNA.

Everyday, we leverage our strategic acumen, visionary workspace design expertise and top-tier network of time-tested partners, craftsmen and installers. We help clients actualize their unique vision and activate their brands in the form of thriving and functional workspaces.


At Empire Office, we believe that we should uphold and always adhere to the following values:


We don’t just furnish enterprises and institutions, we activate their brands. We create living, breathing workspaces that are the embodiment of corporate cultures and personalities—which today, is the truest expression of what a brand is and strives to be. Our expert vision, planning, design, specifications, furnishings and installations give us the tools and resources we need to make any branded environment a reality.


In today’s thriving social and visual economy, workspaces are anything but cookie-cutter. Where and how brands live and work is as important as what they say and do. We offer solutions far beyond the catalog that surpass any other commercial furniture dealer. We play in today’s bespoke marketplace and reflect the personal and tailored tastes of more discerning, demanding and visionary clients.


Not just a furniture dealer, specifier, project manager, and installer—Empire Office is Design Forward, Design-First. We understand that offices are no longer workspaces, but living spaces and the mark of brand values, beliefs tastes, cultural expression, and personalities. We lead with an awareness of trends and a knowledge of what’s now, what’s chic, what’s postable, pinnable and taggable…and what’s completely spot on.


With over 78 years of experience, a global footprint, and more than 500 full-time employees across the US, we’re the trusted source for furniture and design needs. Our decades of expertise and acumen, that run the gamut from furniture and specification through installation, make us the right choice.


We understand what matters most to clients and view their needs from a “whole life” perspective. We do not embark on relationships or projects from a products and services point of view exclusively, but rather, through a lens of needs, wants, and demands including: form, function, look, feel, health, wellbeing, eco-responsibility, ethos, usages, productivity, efficiency, affordability and simplicity.


Selecting the right furniture and interior solutions can be complicated. But starting a project with us is easy.

We have 78+ years of experience in helping our clients do just that. We’ll hand-select an expert team of professionals who specialize in your industry and project-type.

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