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We understand that offices are no longer just workspaces, but living spaces and the mark of brand values, beliefs, tastes, cultural expression and personalities. We lead with an awareness of trends and a knowledge of what’s now and—more importantly—what’s next.


We align our thinking to be design-forward and design-first, leading with an awareness of trends and a knowledgebase of shared insights. We offer solutions far beyond the catalog that surpass any other commercial furniture dealer. Our broad spectrum of trusted, proven and relevant brands and partners is truly unparalleled.


Trends can change with the wind. Needs differ by industry. We stay on top of what’s relevant and offer our clients and partners options to fit any aesthetic, function and price-point. We thoroughly vet all our partners to ensure we present only viable solutions for our clients.

With years of ancillary expertise and a team of dedicated specialists with backgrounds in design, we fold seamlessly into the larger project team and can help identify, evaluate and vet various product options for every area of the workspace—saving our design firm partners countless hours and our clients real dollars.


Ancillary design packages and related services have become a major part of any project. As the workplace has evolved to include more lounge spaces, “third places” and casual collaboration areas, ancillary products are becoming a bigger fraction of the overall furniture spend—with some citing nearly 60% on average (up from 20% not too long ago). Knowing which products to spec based on lead time, budget and aesthetic is critical.

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Selecting the right furniture and interior solutions can be complicated. But starting a project with us is easy.

We have 73+ years of experience in helping our clients do just that. We’ll hand-select an expert team of professionals who specialize in your industry and project-type.

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