An idea born from the rise of third places and brought to life in boutique hotel lobbies and co-working spaces across the world, it seems resimercial design is here to stay. It’s a thought that workers can be more relaxed, enhance their social interactions, and produce more inspired work as a result of these refreshing, comfortable spaces.

Recognizing the opportunity in the blending of these worlds, many residential brands have started entering the commercial space in recent years—either by acquisition or new venture –and the results have changed the face of the modern workspace as we know it.

Over the years, Empire has purchased from and partnered with many consumer/retail furniture and accessories companies on behalf of our clients to help them achieve the style and aesthetic they desired. Now with the strategic alignment of contract manufacturers with these decidedly residential brands, it proves the driving desire to make the workplace a bit more warm and cozy and a little less sterile feeling.

Resimercial style can look very different stylistically and really should fit for the individual culture of the company; however, we have seen it is often described as warm, comfortable, inviting & approachable, featuring natural elements & a connection to the outside, with carefully curated textures and patterns. The adjusted layout implications mean multiple places to work, meet, take a call, or grab a coffee. Kitchen islands for gathering are a must as are soft seating sofas and lounge chairs. Then factor in the incredible in-house amenities such as on-campus baristas, chefs, and fully stocked kitchens, and it’s hard to work comfortably from anywhere else.

The right mix of resimercial design is different depending on the company and the functionality of the work at hand; however, we’ve seen some pretty innovative ideas from some of our own clients, and we can’t wait to see what type of inspired work comes out of these spaces.

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