Coast-to-Coast Coverage

With offices and showrooms in New York and Florida, Empire also has employees located strategically across the country allowing us to provide the same reliable, consistent service for our clients’ projects anywhere in the country. We have years of experience working with and establishing a trusted network of national installers and warehouses to help facilitate the completion of our client’s out of town projects.

We approach out of town work with a careful eye on details. Working closely with the teams on the ground, an Empire foreman and/or project manager is on-site to oversee the installation and ensure all is running according to plan.

Coordinating through the central account team in one of our main offices, the on-site rep will communicate back any issues that may arise and help troubleshoot to find a resolution.

Our experience in national project work is unmatched.  59% of our business is handled outside of our New York headquarters location. And we complete over 400 projects nationally in any given year.

Global Reach

The globalization of the business world has rapidly become the norm. In the commercial interiors and furnishings industry, it’s important for multinational companies to align all office locations throughout the world and ensure a consistent brand experience for both clients and employees.

For over 15 years, Empire and K2-Space (our strategic partner in London) have successfully partnered together to provide consistent local expertise and experience to our large multinational clients no matter where their project is located.

Through this strategic alliance, Empire Office and K2 Space offer clients and industry affiliates a reliable partnership for developing furniture specifications, on-site furniture management and local labor for delivery and installation in any major city worldwide.

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