Enriching Workplaces with Artwork

Written by: Empire Marketing

Commercial spaces can feel customized, unique and special with the right layer of finishing touches. Furniture is just one piece of the mosaic that comes together to create the holistically beautiful workspace that we all desire.

Layering in high-end, quality artwork within the workplace has benefits beyond just the aesthetics. It can inspire innovation, boost productivity, lower stress and increase wellbeing.

Art provides a momentary point of distraction or a needed escape and, at the very least, can be a talking point amongst colleagues and visitors alike. Not all distraction in the workplace is bad; in fact, some amount distraction can be healthy and actually enhance the creative process for some individuals.

Ensuring employees feel connected to the space has never been more top of mind for companies as they are planning their workspaces. That connection takes place when the physical environment comes to life to create those emotional ties and feelings of ownership and belonging to the space. Connection to the products chosen is just as important as the overall design aesthetic that is implemented. Company culture plays a critical role as well.

At Empire, we help our clients decode the often-complicated myriad of options when it comes to furniture, walls, accessories and even artwork. We have worked on numerous projects for clients in a wide variety of industries to select the right artwork that celebrates a company’s brand, design, values and culture.

For more information on our artwork product offering, please click here.

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