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My Deep Dark Obsession with Packaging Design

The following question is for the 51% of American families who like me own at least one Apple device: if you look around your home or office, do you still have the box it came in?

We are Apple junkies in my household. Somehow the latest and greatest Apple creation always makes it into our home and as a result, so does the box each piece comes in. Over the years, these boxes have been carefully tucked away in corners, drawers and cabinets like cherished gifts.

We recently put our house on the market. In doing so, we donated half of the contents in it. We even gave away our children’s bassinet―which I did have second thoughts of getting rid of as I looked out the window early one morning and saw someone cramming it into the back of their SUV. What’s amazing to me however is that what has managed to make the final cut of items worthy of staying in our minimalist home are those Apple boxes!

What is our obsession with the amazing packaging that Apple has developed and that so many have tried to copy? The tactile feeling of those velvet boxes evoke a sense of recognition to a company that is so focused on a customer’s experience at every single touch point—from the technology products they produce to the packaging they deliver it to you in.

We have recently undergone a re-branding initiative at Empire. Through our journey, we have learned the importance of touch points with our customers at each and every stage of doing business. Although packaging is by no means the core to our success, we have taken the Apple philosophy and put together marketing pieces that reflect our brand in hopes of leaving our clients with a feeling that partnering with Empire Office will be an experience worth buying into.

So instead of having our marketing materials end up at the bottom of a client’s trash can, our goal—as lofty as it may seem—is for them to be worthy enough to hold onto like those precious Apple boxes.



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