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Color Forecasting, Design and Trends

Well, the jewel tones seem to be back.

In the most recent years, we have been seeing white, white and more white when it comes to designing interiors. Personally, I’ve always liked it very much. But after doing Empire’s most recent space at 105 Madison Avenue, my tastes have started to shift.

Bringing in more color—especially the saturated reds, purples, and blues—really warms up the spaces. It produces a homier ambiance. And as we continue to see office space as we know it transition from just a working environment to one that is more collaborative, I am finding that the warmer tones of these colors really change the mood of the space, and make it more inviting.

While we were planning the design of our new space, it struck me that myself and another designer chose jewel tones for the space, while simultaneously our marketing department, who was in the middle of our company’s rebranding, was actually in sync without truly discussing from the inception of both projects. Once we shared our thoughts with one another to make sure we were putting together a cohesive brand, we were fortunate (and a little surprised!) that we were all in agreement and on the same page.

What was even more interesting was that in late 2012, a few months after we completed our new space, the Annual Color Forecast: 2013 released by textile house Brentano had also validated what we did.

So the big question is—how did we get to this point? What changes our tastes in design? In colors? In fashion? Is it the visual? Is it the emotion? Is it marketing?

I am not completely sure, but whatever it is I am liking it.



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