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17 Sep

Wellness in the workplace has become a trending topic in our industry. Undoubtedly, there are multiple interpretations of what that actually looks like, from treadmill desks and ergonomic task chairs to healthy snacking and wellness programs. But how does a company make health-conscious decisions with a minimal budget

28 Jul

A growing trend in commercial offices across the country is the desire to create more of a residential feel within the workplace. Companies in all industries are recognizing the value in creating a workspace where employees feel comfortable to let down their guard, collaborate and get to work. The residential workplace is achieved by incorporating […]

11 May

“If you don’t transform, your industry will be transformed.” -Robert F. Smith, the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners at the 2015 World Economic Forum Regardless of your industry, the product you sell or market you are in, the pace of change is quicker than ever. Either companies embrace this change or risk becoming […]

11 Nov

Not too many years ago, companies had full control over the devices, technology and software that all of their employees used for work purposes. Today, the scale has been tipped in favor of the employee. With more and more innovative technology being introduced directly to the mass consumer, employees are recognizing the many benefits of […]

11 Nov

When it comes to technology at work, we are seeing more and more how the workplace is adapting to accommodate this ever-changing factor. Personal technologies once left in desk drawers and purses are now out in the open and actively used to complete work tasks. Multiple devices are commonplace at the office. It’s not unusual to see a laptop, iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry at every seat today.

11 Nov

Last month Empire hosted a very special day of events with Dave Lathrop, director of research and strategy at Steelcase. The events held in Empire’s recently designed 14th floor open space area brought together NY design firms and clients to discuss future-oriented topics centered on technology in the workplace such as: how mobile technology and […]

07 Feb

Well, the jewel tones seem to be back. In the most recent years, we have been seeing white, white and more white when it comes to designing interiors. Personally, I’ve always liked it very much. But after doing Empire’s most recent space at 105 Madison Avenue, my tastes have started to shift. Bringing in more […]

07 Jan

OBSERVATION n. The faculty or habit of observing or noticing. People intrigue me. Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong tendency to observe the actions of others around me. Although at times I believe it to be a positive trait, others sitting with me in a crowded restaurant may get annoyed as I am easily distracted by the cast

12 Oct

The following question is for the 51% of American families who like me own at least one Apple device: if you look around your home or office, do you still have the box it came in? We are Apple junkies in my household. Somehow the latest and greatest Apple creation always makes it into our […]

12 Oct

I have been at Empire Office for 31 years. During this time, I have witnessed many changes in the way people work at the office—going from all private offices, to high-paneled workstations, to low-paneled workstations, to no panels at all. Throughout my career, I have always done my best to stay in tuned with the […]

12 Oct

When I think of mid-century modern furniture, I think of one word: WYETH. Walking through New York City’s WYETH showroom, or its Wainscott, NY location, is truly an incredible experience. It offers the professional and non-professional furniture lover an exceptional opportunity to view museum quality mid-century modern antiques and collectibles. From Nakashima to Kjaerholm, Eames […]