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The Impact The Next Generation Of Workers Will Have On Our Workplaces

When I look around the office today, it looks much different than it did 10 years ago. And I’m not just referring to the design or layout of the space, which has indeed changed dramatically in recent years. But I’m … Continue reading


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3 Innovative Strategies For Shaking Things Up At The Office

My mind is in a state of constant reinvention, always looking for better more exciting paths to take. And naturally, considering in the industry that we’re in, much of my focus is on new emerging trends that are really changing … Continue reading



The Tipping Point: When Mobile Working Can Actually Improve Productivity

Mobility and workplace flexibility are top of mind for many organizations today. Often it’s thought that mobility and productivity have an adverse affect on one another. But that’s not necessarily the whole story because worker mobility has been linked to … Continue reading


Consumer Technology Making Big Waves in Corporate America

Consumer Technology Making Big Waves in Corporate America

Not too many years ago, companies had full control over the devices, technology and software that all of their employees used for work purposes. Today, the scale has been tipped in favor of the employee. With more and more innovative … Continue reading



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